Kavasila–Kyllini railway

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Kavasila – Kyllini Line
Line from Patras
0.000 Kavasila
Line to Pyrgos
5.985 Vartholomio
16 Kyllini

The Kavasila–Kyllini railway (Greek: Σιδηροδρομική Γραμμή Καβασίλων - Κυλλήνης) was a meter gauge railway line of the Piraeus, Athens and Peloponnese Railways (SPAP) in Elis, Greece. It branched off the Patras–Olympia railway at the railway station of Kavasila. This 16 km long line served the port of Kyllini, from which ferries sail to Zakynthos island. Services on this branch started in August 1891 and lasted until 1988, with full services and with limited services until 1996, when the line was closed down.

The line had railway stations in Vartholomio, Neochori and Kyllini. At Vartholomio the Vartholomio–Loutra Kyllinis railway branched off.[1]

Currently, the line is used by OSE as a junkyard for old metric line stock.


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Coordinates: 37°53′39″N 21°12′29″E / 37.8942°N 21.2080°E / 37.8942; 21.2080