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Kavastu, Tartu County

Coordinates: 58°23′N 27°03′E / 58.383°N 27.050°E / 58.383; 27.050
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Kavastu is located in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°23′N 27°03′E / 58.383°N 27.050°E / 58.383; 27.050
CountyTartu County
 • Total315
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)

Kavastu is a village in Luunja Parish, Tartu County, on the left bank of Emajõgi.[1]

The only operating cable ferry in Estonia crosses the river at Kavastu.[2] At Kavastu, there is a mediumwave transmitter with 2 249 metres tall guyed masts, actually used for broadcasting a religious program on 1035 kHz with 125 kW.[3][4]

Historically, the village is named as Alevi and Uue-Kastre.[5]



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