Kavnai fort

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Kavnai Fort
कावनई किल्ला
Nashik district, Maharashtra
Kavnai fort1.jpg
Fort view from Kavnai col
Kavnai Fort is located in Maharashtra
Kavnai Fort
Kavnai Fort
Coordinates19°46′23.1″N 73°37′09.8″E / 19.773083°N 73.619389°E / 19.773083; 73.619389
TypeHill fort
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OwnerGovernment of India
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the public
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KavnaiThis fort is located on a hill near village Kavanai, in Igatpuri Taluka of Nashik district, India. The Kavanai village is well connected by road to Igatpuri. Igatpuri is 18 km from Kawanai.Village kavanai is a religious place where Saint Dnyaneshwar rested for few days. The religious place Kapilatirth is located near the kavnai village. The fort is located on a small hillock, north of the village.


It is said that the fort was built by Moghuls. It was ceded to Peshvas by Nizam under the terms of the treaty held after the Battle of Udgir (1760).This fort along with Tringalwadi and fifteen other forts were captured by British army under leadership of Col. Briggs.[1]

How to reach[edit]

The ascend to the fort is very easy along a ridge which stars from the village kavanai. There is only one gate to the fort. The final ascend to the fort is vertical with poor rock-cut steps. The villagers have secured the approach by fixing an iron ladder. It takes about an hour to reach the top of the fort.

Places to see[edit]

The main gate and a small pond on the fort are the only remaining structures on the fort.

Night stay[edit]

A sadhu lives in a small hut on the fort, who can provide his hut for night halt. It is better to stay at Kapilatirth in base village of Kawanai.


Pond at the fort
Main entrance to the fort


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