Kawachi Dam

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Kawachi Dam
Location Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Coordinates 33°50′17.1″N 130°48′38.4″E / 33.838083°N 130.810667°E / 33.838083; 130.810667Coordinates: 33°50′17.1″N 130°48′38.4″E / 33.838083°N 130.810667°E / 33.838083; 130.810667
Construction began 1919
Opening date 1927
Dam and spillways
Impounds Itabitsu River
Height 44.1 m
Length 189 m
Total capacity 7,000,000 m³

Kawachi Dam is a dam in Yahata Higashi, KitaKyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.[1] It was built from stone and mortar[2] to sustain water flow for local steel mills[3] between 1919 and 1927. It was once referred to as the "Orient's best dam". As for Minamikawachi Bridge, completed in 2006,[4] it is a part of Kitakyushu Seminational Park and has been a national industrial heritage since 2007. A mountain hike begins from these sites. Minami-Kawachi bridge on the reservoir (33°50′17″N 130°48′38″E / 33.838083°N 130.810667°E / 33.838083; 130.810667) was classified as Japanese Important Cultural Property in 2006.

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Minami-Kawachi bridge