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Kawagoe Castle daimyo residence, administrative headquarters of Kawagoe Domain

Kawagoe Domain (川越藩, Kawagoe-han) was a feudal domain under the Tokugawa shogunate of Edo period Japan. It is located in Musashi Province, Honshū. The domain was centered at Kawagoe Castle,[1] located in what is the city of Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture.


The domain had its beginning in 1590, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi defeated the Late Hōjō clan in the Siege of Odawara. Hideyoshi awarded vast Hōjō holdings to Tokugawa Ieyasu, who enfoeffed Sakai Shigetada as daimyo of Kawagoe with a assessed kokudaka of 10,000 koku. Shigetada was transferred in 1601, and the next daimyo was appointed in 1609.

Afterwards, the domain was reassigned every couple of generations to a large number of fudai daimyo clans, spending the longest time under the control of a branch of the Echizen Matsudaira clan (1767-1867) with a rating of 170,000 koku.

The final daimyō of Kawagoe, Matsudaira Yasutoshi, served as domain governor until 1871, and was awarded the title of shishaku (marquis) under the kazoku peerage system. Kawagoe Domain subsequently became part of Saitama Prefecture.

Bakumatsu period holdings[edit]

As with most domains in the han system, Kawagoe Domain consisted of several discontinuous territories calculated to provide the assigned kokudaka, based on periodic cadastral surveys and projected agricultural yields.[2][3]

List of daimyo[edit]

# Name Tenure Courtesy title Court Rank kokudaka Notes
Japanese Crest Himeji ken katabami.svg Sakai clan (fudai) 1590-1601
1 Sakai Shigetada (酒井重忠) 1590-1601 Kawachi-no-kami (河内守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 10,000 ‘'koku transfer to Maebashi Domain
Sakai Kamon.png Sakai clan (fudai) 1609-1634
1 Sakai Tadatoshi (酒井忠利) 1609-1627 Bungo-no-kami (備後守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 20,000 ->37,000 koku transfer from Tanaka Domain
2 Sakai Tadakatsu (酒井忠勝) 1627-1634 ’'Sasho-sho (左少将) Lower 4th (従四位下) 80,000 ->100,000 koku transfer to Obama Domain
Japanese crest Hotta Mokkou.svg Hotta clan (fudai) 1635 -1638
1 Hotta Masamori (堀田正俊) 1635-1638 Kaga-no-kami (加賀守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 35,000 koku transfer to Matsumoto Domain
Maru ni Mitsu Ōgi inverted.png Matsudaira (Nagasawa-Ōkōchi) clan (fudai) 1639 -1694
1 Matsudaira Nobutsuna (松平信綱) 1639-1662 Izu-no-kami (伊豆守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 70,000 koku from Oshi Domain
2 Matsudaira Terutsuna (松平輝綱) 1662-1672 Kai-no-kami (甲斐守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 70,000 koku
3 Matsudaira Nobuteru (松平信輝) 1672-1694 Izu-no-kami (伊豆守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 70,000 koku transfer to Koga Domain
Japanese Crest Yanagisawa Hanabisi.svg Yanagisawa clan (fudai) 1694-1704
1 Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu (松平康長) 1694-1704 Mino-no-kami (美濃守); Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 72,000->112,000 koku
Japanese Crest Mokkou.svg Akimoto clan (fudai) 1704-1767
1 Akimoto Takatomo (秋元喬知) 1704-1714 Tajima-no-kami (但馬守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 50,000->60,000 koku transfer from Tanimura Domain
2 Akimoto Takafusa (秋元喬房) 1714-1737 Tajima-no-kami (但馬守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 60,000 koku
3 Akimoto Takamoto (秋元喬求) 1738-1742 Etchu-no-kami (越中守) Lower 5th (従五位下)
4 Akimoto Takatomo (秋元凉朝) 1742-1767 Tajima-no-kami (但馬守) Lower 4th (従四位下) 60,000 ‘'koku transfer to Yamagata Domain
Mitsubaaoi.svg Matsudaira (Echizen) clan (fudai) 1767-1867
1 Matsudaira Motonori (松平朝矩) 1767-1768 Yamato-no-kami (大和守); Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 150,000 koku transfer from Maebashi Domain
2 Matsudaira Naotsuna (松平直恒) 1768-1810 Yamato-no-kami (大和守); Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 150,000 koku
3 Matsudaira Naonobu (松平直温) 1810-1816 Yamato-no-kami (大和守); Jijū (侍従) Lower 4th (従四位下) 150,000 koku
4 Matsudaira Naritsune (松平斉典) 1816-1850 Sakon-no-shosho (左近衛少将); Jijū (侍従) Upper 4th (従四位上) 150,000 -> 170,000 koku
5 Matsudaira Tsunenori (松平典則) 1850-1854 Yamato-no-kami (大和守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 170,000 koku
6 Matsudaira Naoyoshi (松平直侯) 1855-1861 Yamato-no-kami (大和守); Jijū (侍従) Lower 5th (従五位下) 170,000 koku
7 Matsudaira Naokatsu (松平直克) 1861-1867 Sakon-no-shosho (左近衛少将); Jijū (侍従) Upper 4th (従四位上) 170,000 koku
Japanese Crest Tuta.png Matsudaira (Matsui) clan’’' (fudai) 1861-1871
1 Matsudaira Yasuhide (松平康英) 1866-1869 Suo-no-kami (周防守); Jiju (侍従) Lower 5th (従五位下) 84,000 ‘'koku from Tanakura Domain
2 Matsudaira Yasutoshi (松平康載) 1869-1871 Suo-no-kami (周防守) Lower 5th (従五位下) 84,000 ‘'koku domainal governor

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