Kawagoe Power Station

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Kawagoe Power Station
Kawagoe Thermal power plant-01.jpg
Kawagoe Power Station, 2011
Kawagoe Power Station is located in Japan
Kawagoe Power Station
Location of Kawagoe Power Station in Japan
Country Japan
Location Kawagoe, Mie
Coordinates 35°00′25″N 136°41′20″E / 35.00694°N 136.68889°E / 35.00694; 136.68889Coordinates: 35°00′25″N 136°41′20″E / 35.00694°N 136.68889°E / 35.00694; 136.68889
Status Operational
Commission date 1997
Owner(s) CEP
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Type Steam turbine
Combined cycle? Yes
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 4,802 MW

Kawagoe Power Station (川越火力発電所, Kawagoe karyokuhatsudensho?) is a large gas-fired power station in Kawagoe, Mie, Japan. The facility operates at an installed capacity of 4,802 MW, making it the largest power station of its kind.[1][2][3]

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