Kawahara Shrine

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Kawahara Shrine (川原神社, Kawahara-jinja)
Kawahara Shrine
LocationNagoya, central Japan.
Kawahara Shrine is located in Japan
Kawahara Shrine
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates35°9′4.5″N 136°56′38.9″E / 35.151250°N 136.944139°E / 35.151250; 136.944139Coordinates: 35°9′4.5″N 136°56′38.9″E / 35.151250°N 136.944139°E / 35.151250; 136.944139
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Haiden main hall

The Kawahara Shrine (川原神社, Kawahara-jinja) is a Shinto shrine and Buddhist Benten-dō located in the Showa ward of Nagoya, central Japan.

The construction date of the shrine is not clear, it is assumed however that is appeared around 1000. The shrine underwent a number of reconstructions and renovations, the last one being in 1998. There is a pond with turtles that surround the shrine.

Since Buddhism and Shinto were closely intertwined, the shrine was also dedicated to Benzaiten. Therefore, it is better known as the "Benten of Kawana" rather than "Kawahara Shrine".

The nearest Nagoya Municipal Bus stop is "Bentenmae" on the No. 18.