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The Kawamitsu Family consists of 6 people. The parents, Haru and Yoshiko Kawamitsu were born in Okinawa, Japan. Both of them had the ambition to go to the United States, and there they raised 4 children, which later turned out to be bless4. The family gets together to sing gospel music, releasing 2 albums thus far, with the name, the Kawamitsu Family. The Kawamitsu Family are all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).


January 1981 - Haru and Yoshiko Kawamitsu were married[1]

January 1982 - AKASHI was born in Okinawa, Japan

November 1982 - The 3 of them leave for Utah

Haru studies art at the BYU and switches his profession to an artist. He wins various awards while he is there.[2]

May 1984 - KANASA was born in Provo, Utah

December 1989 - AKINO was born in Provo, Utah

October 1991 - AIKI was born in Provo, Utah

They moved to Arizona and there both Akashi and Kanasa were Arizona State Taekwondo Champions (at ages 14 and 12, respectively), while the whole family was part of a taekwondo exhibition troupe called the "Flying Dragons" with other taekwondo practitioners.

1997 - Return to their hometown Okinawa, Japan

1998 - Picked up singing and dancing, started performing as the "Flying Dragons" when performing as a sibling group, and also known as the "Kawamitsu Family" when performing with the 6 of them.

1999 ~ 2001 - Haru becomes President of HIV Network Okinawa[3]

1999 ~ 2001 - "Flying Dragons"(future bless4) work as Stop AIDS Image Character[3]

October 2002 - Everyone except Haru move to Tokyo for the debut of "bless4"

October 2004 - Haru moves to Tokyo

December 2004 ~ The Kawamitsu Family again starts to do concerts and firesides starting from the Tokyo area, and now are being called to perform and share their experiences all over Japan.

December 2006 - bless4 becomes independent and builds their own company Kawamitsu Arttainment, AKASHI being President.




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