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Kawartha Dairy Company is a Canadian family owned and operated dairy based in Bobcaygeon, Ontario in the City of Kawartha Lakes. The company was founded in 1937, and in 2012 is run by two brothers and their nephew.

Kawartha Dairy produces a line of milk and cream products.[1] which are sold both wholesale and in its own retail stores. While Kawartha Dairy milk and cream are available primarily in its home area of Central Ontario, its well-known brand of ice cream can be found throughout Ontario. The company also operates nine of its own retail stores in the province.


In 1937 Jack and Ila Crowe bought a small dairy in Bobcaygeon and began producing and selling milk products. They increased the size of the operation in 1942 by buying the other dairies in the town.

In the 1950s Kawartha Dairy added ice cream to its line of products.[2] In the early 1960s, the company expanded to Minden where it opened a retail store.

In 2008, there were five Kawartha Dairy retail stores in central Ontario.[3] In 2010 the company received funding from the Province of Ontario to facilitate expansion and updating of their plant in Bobcaygeon.[4]

By 2012, the company was operating eight retail stores in Ontario in addition to its wholesale business,[5] and in 2016 a ninth store was opened in Orillia.[6]


Popular products include its ice cream, chocolate milk, and eggnog. The company makes a point of using fresh Ontario milk and cream exclusively in its ice cream..[7]


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