Kawasaki Quad Bikes

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Kawasaki Quad Bikes
Kawasaki 4X4 Quad Bikes.jpg
Developer(s) Data Design Interactive
Platform(s) Wii
  • NA: 26 October 2007
  • EU: 14 March 2008
  • AU: 1 May 2008
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Players: 1-2

Kawasaki Quad Bikes is a video game for the Wii console, developed by Data Design Interactive, a budget developer. It was released to poor reviews; IGN gave it a 2.0/10, stating that "The controls will infuriate you, the graphics will sting your eyes, you'll turn the music off, and the unforgiving gameplay will have you reaching for the Wii power button."[1] and Games Radar gave it a 1/5 after criticizing its controls, AI, and poor camera control.[2]


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