Kawawachō Station

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Kawa-wachō Station

Yokohamacity Kawawacho sta 001.jpg
Location1252 Aza Nakamura, Tsuzuki, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Operated byYokohama Municipal Subway
Line(s)Green Line
Other information
Station codeG-02
20082,157 daily
Preceding station   Yokohama Municipal Subway   Following station
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Green Line
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toward Hiyoshi

Kawa-wachō Station (川和町駅, Kawawachō-eki) is metro station located in Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is served by the Yokohama Municipal Subway’s Green Line (Line 4) and is 1.7 kilometers from the terminus of the Green Line at Nakayama Station.


Kawa-wachō Station opened on March 30, 2008 when the Green Line started operation.


Station layout[edit]

Kawa-wachō Station is an above ground station with a single island platform serving four elevated tracks. The station building is located underneath the tracks and platform. The platform is numbered Platform 3 and Platform 4. There is no Platform 1 or Platform 2, and these tracks are used as a rail yard for to removal of train carriages from the main rail lines of the Green Line.


1  Green Line Nakayama
2  Green Line Center-MinamiHiyoshi


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Coordinates: 35°31′41″N 139°32′55″E / 35.5281°N 139.5487°E / 35.5281; 139.5487