Kawerau Power Station

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Kawerau Power Station
100 MW Geothermal Power Plant at Kawerau NZ.jpg
Kawerau Power Station is located in New Zealand
Kawerau Power Station
Location of Kawerau Power Station in New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Location Bay of Plenty Region
Coordinates 38°3′47″S 176°43′38″E / 38.06306°S 176.72722°E / -38.06306; 176.72722Coordinates: 38°3′47″S 176°43′38″E / 38.06306°S 176.72722°E / -38.06306; 176.72722
Status Operational
Commission date 2008
Owner(s) Mercury Energy
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 100 MW

The Kawerau Power Station is a 100-megawatt geothermal power plant located just outside the town of Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty Region of New Zealand. The power station is situated within the Kawerau geothermal field, which is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Completed in July 2008 by Mighty River Power at a cost of NZ$300 million, the plant's capacity proved greater than expected.[1] The station is the largest single generator geothermal plant in New Zealand.[2]

Energy production[edit]

The Kawerau geothermal power station boosted the country's geothermal capacity by 25 percent and significantly increased local generation capacity in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.[3] The plant meets approximately one third of residential and industrial demand in the region and provides cost certainty to local industry including Norske Skog Tasman.[4]

The station uses a single Fuji turbine and steam from geothermal bores. The two phase fluid is flashed/separated twice to produce high and low pressure steam to feed the turbine.

The Kawerau field also supplies process steam to the Kawerau pulp and paper mill. This is used for process and power generation. Two small binary power plants use waste hot geothermal water for power generation.

A binary plant is also located west of the main power station. This station uses two phase fluid from one production well, KA24.


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