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Kawkareik District (Phlone ကေါဝ်တြာ်ခြိုင့်; S'gaw Karen: ဒူဖျၢ်ယၢ်ကီၢ်ရ့ၢ်; also called Dooplaya in Karen language) is a district of the Karen State in Myanmar. It consists of 4 towns;Kawkareik, the capital, Kyainseikgyi, Kyondoe, Payathonzu and Kyaikdon;and 552 villages. The population as 2014 was 475,191.


The district contains the following townships:

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November 23, 1998, Report KHRG #98-09

Coordinates: 16°01′N 98°16′E / 16.017°N 98.267°E / 16.017; 98.267