Kawlo Iyun Pacidal

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Kawlo Iyun Pacidal
Member of the Legislative Yuan
Assumed office
1 February 2016
Constituency At-large legislator
Personal details
Born (1977-04-09) 9 April 1977 (age 41)
Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality Taiwan
Political party New Power Party
Occupation Politician
Profession TV presenter

Kawlo Iyun Pacidal (9 April 1977, Taipei, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese politician and former TV presenter. In January 2016 she was elected to serve in the Legislative Yuan as an at-large legislator on the party list of the New Power Party. Kawlo is a member of the Amis tribe of Taiwan's indigenous people and the cousin of singer Ilid Kaolo.

Political career[edit]

Kawlo was a founder member of the Amis Defense Alliance, an organisation dedicated to opposing excessive construction on Taiwan's east coast.[1] Kawlo's first electoral experience was in standing for the Hualien County council as an independent in 2014. She was a candidate in the 6th electoral district (which includes Fenglin, Shoufeng, Guangfu, Fengbin, and Wanrong), and fell 223 votes short of winning a seat.[2]

In 2015 Kawlo joined the newly created New Power Party (NPP) and was subsequently placed first on their party list for the 2016 Legislative Yuan election.[3][4] As the NPP polled 6.1% of the vote in the party list ballot,[5] she was duly elected as one of the NPP's two at-large legislators. Kawlo's political positions include pushing for recognition of the independence of Aboriginal tribes and acknowledgment of sovereignty over traditional tribal lands, as well as full enforcement of the Indigenous Basic Act.[1][6][7] Upon taking office, Kawlo was assigned to the Education and Culture Committee.[8]

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