Kay Sievers

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Kay Sievers
Nationality German
Occupation Software engineer
Employer Red Hat
Known for udev, systemd, Gummiboot

Kay Sievers is a computer programmer, best known for developing the udev device manager of Linux,[1] systemd[2] and the Gummiboot EFI boot loader.[3] Kay Sievers made major contributions to Linux's hardware hotplug and device management subsystems.[4] However, in 2014 Linus Torvalds banned him from Linux kernel development, claiming that he was creating bugs and not fixing them.[5][6]

In 2012, together with Harald Hoyer, Sievers was the main driving force behind Fedora's merging of the /lib, /bin and /sbin file-system trees into /usr, a simplification which other distributions such as Arch Linux have since adopted.[7]

Currently employed by Red Hat, Inc.,[3] Sievers previously worked for Novell.[2][8]

Kay Sievers grew up in East Germany[9] and nowadays resides in Berlin, Germany.[10]


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