Kayamkulam Philipose Ramban

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Kayamkulam Philipose Ramban.

Kayamkulam Philipose Ramban, was a Syriac scholar belonging to the Malankara Syrian Church who made the translation of The Holy Bible for the first time to the vernacular language Malayalam.[1]

He lived in Kayamkulam, in his family home, Mananganazhikathu, latterly it is known as Mananganazhikathu Rampachan's House. Rev Claudius Buchanan, a missionary who visited Kerala in the early 19th century, persuaded church leaders to translate the holy text into the regional language and gave guidance to local scholars. At that time Syriac was the liturgical language of Christians in Kerala. "Four Gospels translated by Ramban was the first version of the Bible which appeared in book format in Malayalam".[2]

Ramban Philipose died in 1811, and his mortal remains were interred at Kannamcode Cathedral, (Kannamkode St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral) belonging to Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, which is one of the prominent worship centre in Adoor, Kerala, India.

The Copy of the Translated Holy Bible,Translation Done By Kayamkulam Philipose Ramban.

The church celebrates Sradha perunnal of Reverred Rambachan every year on Malayalam month "thulam 26th".

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