Kayan–Murik languages

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central Borneo
Linguistic classificationAustronesian
  • Kayan
  • Modang
  • Muller-Schwaner "Punan"
  • Murik

The Kayan or Kayan–Murik languages are a group of Austronesian languages spoken in Borneo by the Kayan, Punan, and related peoples.

They are,

Robert Blust (1991) specifically excluded Kayan from his North Bornean languages. He removed Bukat from Kayan in 2010.

Müller-Schwaner Punan languages are classified by Smith (2017)[2] as Central Sarawak.

Smith (2017)[2] classifies the Kayanic languages as follows.

  • Kayan-Murik-Merap
    • Kayan (Baram, Rejang-Busang, Bahau, Data Dian)
    • Murik-Merap (Ngorek, Pua’, Huang Bau, Merap)
  • Segai-Modang
    • Segai (Gaai, (Punan) Kelai)
    • Modang (Kelinjau Modang, Wahau Modang, Long Gelat)


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