Kayashima Station

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Kayashima Station

Kayashima station east gate south entrance.jpg
Kayashima Station, September 2007
LocationNeyagawa, Osaka
Coordinates34°44′51″N 135°36′41″E / 34.7474°N 135.6113°E / 34.7474; 135.6113Coordinates: 34°44′51″N 135°36′41″E / 34.7474°N 135.6113°E / 34.7474; 135.6113
Operated byKeihan Electric Railway
Line(s)Keihan Main Line

Kayashima Station (萱島駅, Kayashima-eki) is a railway station located in the city of Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

One notable feature of this station is that it has a large tree growing in the middle of it. The station was built around it. The tree is estimated to be around 700 years old; its base has become a small shinto shrine.[1]


Adjacent stations[edit]

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Keihan Main Line
Rapid Limited Express for Demachiyanagi (快速特急): Does not stop at this station
Limited Express (特急): Does not stop at this station
Commuter Rapid Express for Nakanoshima (通勤快急): Does not stop at this station
Rapid Express (快速急行): Does not stop at this station
Midnight Express for Kuzuha (深夜急行): Does not stop at this station
Express (急行): Does not stop at this station
Kyobashi   Commuter Sub Express for Yodoyabashi or Nakanoshima (通勤準急)   Neyagawashi
Moriguchishi   Sub Express (準急)   Neyagawashi
Ōwada   Semi-Express (区間急行)   Neyagawashi
Ōwada   Local (普通)   Neyagawashi


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