Kaylana Lake

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Kaylana Lake
Kaylana Lake, Jodhpur
Location 8 km (5.0 mi) North West of Jodhpur
Coordinates 26°17′N 72°58′E / 26.283°N 72.967°E / 26.283; 72.967Coordinates: 26°17′N 72°58′E / 26.283°N 72.967°E / 26.283; 72.967
Primary inflows Hati canal which is connected to Indra Gandhi canal
Primary outflows Takhat sagar and Umaid sagar
Basin countries India
Surface area 84 km2 (32 sq mi)
Average depth approx. 35 to 40 ft (11 to 12 m)
Max. depth approx. 45 to 50 ft (14 to 15 m) when level is high
Settlements Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Kaylana Lake is located 8 km west of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India. It is an artificial lake, built by Pratap Singh in 1872. The lake spreads over an area of 84 km2. In ancient times this region had palaces and gardens made by two rulers of Jodhpur - Bhim Singh and Takhat Singh. These were destroyed to make Kaylana Lake.

The lake is situated between igneous rock land formations. It receives its water from Hati Nehar (translation: elephant canal), which is further connected to the Indra Gandhi canal. The natural vegetation here mostly consists of Babool trees (Acacia nilotica), and various migratory birds such as Siberian cranes are seen here in the winter season. The city of Jodhpur and all the surrounding towns and villages depend on Kaylana lake as a source of drinking water.

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