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Kayne may refer to:

  • Kayne Gillaspie (born 1979), American fashion designer, specializing in beauty pageant gowns
  • Kayne Lawton (born 1989), Australian Rugby League player
  • Kayne McLaggon (born 1990), Welsh footballer as a striker who is currently a free agent
  • Kayne Pettifer (born 1982), Australian rules footballer in the Australian Football League
  • Kayne Robinson, former president of the National Rifle Association
  • Kayne Scott (born 1968), started his motorsport career by competing in motocross at the age of 12
  • Kayne Taylor, pop music singer from Melbourne, Victoria who won the 2004 Australian series of Popstars Live
  • Kayne Vincent (born 1988), New Zealand football (soccer) player currently playing for Mumbai FC
  • Richard Kayne, Professor of Linguistics and current chair of the Linguistics Department at New York University
  • Kayne Tebelelo, computer science student at the University of Botswana.