Kayo Kitada

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Kayo Kitada
Medal record
Women's Judo
Representing  Japan
Asian Games
Gold medal – first place 2002 Busan -48 kg
Asian Championships
Gold medal – first place 2004 Almaty -48 kg
Silver medal – second place 2003 Jeju -48 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2001 Beijing -48 kg

Kayo Kitada (北田 佳世 Kitada Kayo?, born 7 July 1978) is a retired Japanese judoka.

Kitada was born in Shirahama, Wakayama and began judo at the age of 10.[1] She graduated from Nippon Sport Science University in 2001.[1]

In 2002, she participated Asian Games held in Busan and won a gold medal in the Extra Lightweight category.

Kitada also won a gold medal at Paris Super World Cup, Otto World Cup Hamburg and other international championships but did not participate in the Olympic Games or World Championships mainly due to 7 times world champion Ryoko Tamura.[1]

In 2005, Kitada finally participated in the World Championships but was defeated by Yanet Bermoy from Cuba and Alina Alexandra Dumitru from Romania.[2] In April 2006, Kitada retired.[1]

As of 2010, Kitada coaches judo at the Yoshida Dojo.[3] and Shutoku High School.[1]


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