Kayo Satoh

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Kayo Satoh
Born (1988-12-26) December 26, 1988 (age 28)
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Other names Kayo Police
Occupation Model, TV personality
Website ameblo.jp/pixy-kayo/
Modeling information
Manager Asia Promotion

Kayo Satoh (佐藤 かよ, Satō Kayo, born December 26, 1988 in Aichi Prefecture) is a Japanese model and television personality.[1] She gained fame in Japan and overseas in September 2010 when she announced on her blog that she had been born as a male.[2]

TV appearances[edit]

  • Don! (NTV), 21 September 2010[1][3]
  • Wake Ari "Hi" Otakara Eizō Matsuri Dōga! Inpukato Ōkoku (ワケあり[秘]お宝映像祭 動画!インパクト王国) (NTV), 22 September 2010[1][4]


Film appearances[edit]


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