Kaysar Dadour

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Kaysar Dadour
Born (1989-07-09) July 9, 1989 (age 30)
  • Syria
  • Brazil
Years active2018–present

Kaysar Dadour (born July 9, 1989) is a Syrian-born Brazilian actor.[1] He became known after attending the 18th edition of Big Brother Brazil, which he was runner-up.[2][3] His first prominent role as an actor was playing Fauze in the Brazilian soap opera Órfãos da Terra.[4][5]

Early life[edit]

Dadour was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. He is the son of Diane and George Dadour and has a younger sister named Celine. Kaysar left his homeland eight years ago, which is in civil war, and fled by car to Lebanon. From there he traveled by plane to Ukraine and after a while, he migrated to Curitiba, Brazil, in search of a better life and to bring his family to the country.[6][7]


In 2018, he joined Big Brother Brasil 18, where he was runner-up with 39.33% of the vote.[8] At the end of September, using the prize received from the program, he managed to fulfill his dream and bring his whole family to Brazil[9][10][11] after 7 years apart.

In 2018 made his debut as an actor playing a terrorist in the movie of the Carcereiros series shown on Rede Globo.[12] In 2019, it integrated in the cast of the soap opera Orfãos da Terra playing Fauze.[13][14] In the plot, he is a Syrian who takes refuge in Brazil as one of the henchmen of Aziz Abdallah (Herson Capri), Extremely loyal to the boss, goes with Sheik to Brazil to capture Laila (Julia Dalavia) and Jamil (Renato Góes).[15][16]

Despite being in his first TV character, the actor was praised by Web surfers.[17][18]

Personal life[edit]

In June 2019 he applied to obtain Brazilian citizenship.[7][19] In October 2019 he obtained Brazilian citizenship through naturalization.[1][20]



Year Title Role Notes
2018 Big Brother Brasil 18 Contestant Runner-Up
2019 Órfãos da Terra Fauze
2019 Dança dos Famosos Winner


Year Title Role Notes
2019 Carcereiros: O Filme Abdel Mussa Participation[21]

Indications and awards[edit]

Year Premium Category Result Ref.
2018 BreakTudo Awards Best Reality Star Won [22]
2019 BreakTudo Awards Actor Of The Year Won
2019 Melhores do Ano New Actor Won [23]
2019 Prêmio Contigo! Online Revelação da TV Won
2019 Prêmio F5 Revelação da TV Nominated
2020 Premio Area Vip Revelação da TV Won


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