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Kaz tv s.jpg
Created by Ron Leibman
Starring Ron Leibman
Mark Withers
Linda Carlson
George Wyner
Dick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neal
Edith Atwater
Gloria LeRoy
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 22 + pilot
Running time 60 mins.
Production company(s) Lorimar Productions
Original network CBS
Original release September 10, 1978 – April 22, 1979

Kaz is an American crime drama series that aired on CBS from September 10, 1978 to April 22, 1979.[1]


Ron Leibman starred as Martin "Kaz" Kazinsky, a Polish American former convict who became a criminal defense attorney after he was released from prison. Leibman won an Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama. Nevertheless, the show failed to capture an audience and was cancelled due to low ratings. In all, 22 episodes aired.


Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
0 "Kaz" Russ Mayberry Don Carlos Dunaway,
Ron Leibman,
Sam Rolfe
14 April 1978
Series pilot: Kaz is a convicted felon doing time in prison. While there, he earns his law degree and upon his release, manages to convince a prestigious attorney to give him a chance as a defender in court.
1 "A Little Shuck and a Whole Lotta Jive" Harvey S. Laidman R.W. Goodwin 10 September 1978
New lawyer Martin "Kaz" Kazinski is fresh out of prison, where he got his law degree, and looking for his first case to try he hopes Sam Bennett, the senior partner of a top law firm, will give him that break.
2 "Verdict in Department 12" Bob Kelljan Preston Wood,
William Wood
24 September 1978
A cantankerous judge throws Kaz in jail on a contempt of court charge.
3 "A Case of Class" Harvey S. Laidman Stanley Roberts 1 October 1978
After an investment counselor is caught embezzling money from one of his clients, he hires Kaz to defend him.
4 "The Slow Man" * Martin Roth 8 October 1978
An accused murder's only defense depends on a mentally disabled young man.
5 "No Way to Treat a Lady" Harvey S. Laidman Robert W. Lenski 15 October 1978
A mistress is charged with hit-and-run after a traffic accident where she leaves the scene, and asks Kaz to defend her.
6 "Who's on First... and Sixth?" * Oliver Crawford 29 October 1978
After a pitcher is charged with assault and battery, Kaz attempts to arrange a quick and quiet settlement before the situation blows up to uncontrollable proportions.
7 "Which Side Are You On?" * Ron Leibman 5 November 1978
In the midst of a riot at the prison Kaz was once incarcerated at, he is asked by his former fellow inmates to represent them in presenting their grievances.
8 "In a Safe Place" * Michael Berlin,
Al Nierenberg
26 November 1978
The District Attorney's public campaign against the city's gang crime problem centers around the actions of one young person.
9 "A Fine Romance" * Carol Roper 3 December 1978
Kaz gets called to duty to defend a shoplifter who at one time was a dancer.
10 "Kaz and the Kid" * Warren Miller 17 December 1978
The daughter of a top level racetrack handicapper becomes the temporary ward of Kaz while her father puts in action a scheme to raise funds for his wife's bail.
11 "Episode 11" Harvey S. Laidman * 14 January 1979

Kaz finds himself in the middle of a murder case involving two old jam-session friends: the victim and his confessed killer.

Note: The actual title of this episode is unknown.
12 "A Case of Murder" * * 21 January 1979
Kaz has to battle his own client and a witness that keeps disappearing while trying to defend against a murder charge.
13 "Conspiracy in Blue"
"The Blue Mafia"
* Al Nierenberg,
Barney Slater
28 January 1979
When two police officers are accused of gunning down an unarmed man, Kaz gets involved in their defense.
14 "Kazinski Versus Bennett" * Ed Jurist 4 February 1979
Kaz's investigation into a hospital supplies racket may just end up jeopardizing Bennett's run for attorney general.
15 "The Stalking Man" * David Jacobs 11 February 1979
16 "Trouble on the South Side"
"It's Libel to Be Trouble"
Mel Damski Albert Aley,
David Malina
25 February 1979
A priest enlists the aid of Kaz to stand against a ruthless councilman concerning public funding that is badly needed.
17 "Count Your Fingers" * Preston Wood,
William Wood
4 March 1979
Kaz goes up against an underhanded attorney in an effort to clear Malloy's nephew of the charge of armed robbery.
18 "A Piece of Cake" * * 11 March 1979
A prostitute gets Kaz to help her convince a jury that she only stabbed her former pimp in self-defense.
19 "They've Taken Our Daughter" * David Malina 25 March 1979
After the parents of a girl who has joined a religious cult try to capture her and have her deprogrammed, cult leaders force the girl to bring kidnapping charges against them.
20 "A Fool for a Client" * Robert Dellinger 8 April 1979
A convict's only hope of appeal is if Kaz can prove that her attorney was incompetent.
21 "The Battered Bride" * Tom Sawyer 15 April 1979
A battered wife is pushed past what she can stand by her abusive husband, whom she ends up killing. Kaz agrees to defend her, albeit reluctantly.
22 "The Avenging Angel" * * 22 April 1979
A woman who appears to be extremely shy is accused of committing a brutal assault and is soon seen to be suffering from multiple personality syndrome.

* Unknown


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