Kazakh National Medical University

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Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov (KazNMU)
С.Ж. Асфендияров атындағы Қазақ ұлттық медицина университеті (ҚазҰМУ)
Казахский национальный медицинский университет имени С. Д. Асфендиярова (КазНМУ)
Type National
Established 1930
Rector Akanov Aikan Akanovich
Students 11,000
Address Tole-bi 94, Kazakhstan Almaty, Kazakhstan
Website http://www.kaznmu.kz/

Kazakh National Medical University is a university in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is the no.1 medical institute in all of Kazakhstan. Many of Kazakhstan's leading physicians are affiliated with the university. It is dedicated to S.D. Asfendiyarov who was the first rector when the university was established in 1931. In 2001, the government classified it as a "national" university. There are more than 11000 students, PhD students study at KazNMU, and there are more than 1500 faculty members working at KazNMU, including more than 200 doctors of science, 130 professors, more than 500 candidates of science and 15-laureates of State prizes.[1]




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