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Ya krasivaya

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Ya krasivaya (Russian: "Я красивая"; English: "I'm beautiful") was a Kazakh reality television show competition of non-professional aspiring models broadcast on Hit TV for a contract with the international model agency. Its first cycle premiered and finished in 2005. 18 girls competed with only 17 of them moving into the model house. After several weeks Saule Zhunusova made a voluntary exit of the show because she felt homesick and bullied by the other contestants. In a live show final the top four battled it out for the win with Altyn Bekanova triumphing over Zhanna Saryeva in the super final. Many of the show's alumni went on to represent Kazakhstan in several beauty peagants afterwards. For now there are no further plans to continue the show.


Season Premiere Winner Runner-up Order contestant eliminated Total contestant International Destination
1 October 15, 2005 Altyn Baekenova Zhanna Saryeva Asel Zhautikbaeva, Yana Svirina, Aliiya Ukubaeva, Zarina Magazurnova (quit), Julianna Sarbasova, Aliya Turekulova, Eugenia Suksina, Oksana Shirokova, Valencia, Saule Zhunusova (quit), Irina Pinova, Svetlana Gabdulkhakova, Marina Pinova, Dinara Mendybaeva, Christina Ivanova, Anna Panina 18 Russia

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