Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall

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Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall
Concert Hall in Astana
General information
LocationAstana, Kazakhstan
Coordinates51°07′22″N 71°26′30″E / 51.12278°N 71.44167°E / 51.12278; 71.44167Coordinates: 51°07′22″N 71°26′30″E / 51.12278°N 71.44167°E / 51.12278; 71.44167
Construction startedJune 2004
OpeningDec 2009
Cost€ 120.000.000,00
Technical details
Floor area55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectManfredi Nicoletti
Main contractorMabetex

The Central Concert Hall (Kazakh: «Қазақстан» Орталық концерт залы; Russian: Центральный концертный зал «Казахстан») is a center for performing arts in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. It was designed by Italian architect Manfredi Nicoletti and was inaugurated by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev on the nation's Independence Day - the 15th of December - in 2009.

The building’s shape evokes the dynmism of a flower's petals as a metaphor for the dynamism of music itself. The building's external structure comprises a series of curved inclined walls made of concrete with a blue back painted glass panels cladding. Those structures protect the building's interior functions from Astana’s harsh weather conditions.

The building features a thirty-meter-high foyer which extends over 3.000 square meters, which is intended to create an urban-scale internal public square that could welcome the citizens of Astana throughout the entire year. The building contains three different music halls. It also encloses restaurants, shops, and bars.

The main Concert hall for 3.500 seats is one of the biggest of its kind and is capable of hosting a multitude of different events, from classical to pop music, ballet and conferences thanks to its acoustic flexibility. This flexibility is produced by a system of acoustic curtains and a special false ceiling design called a black-hole, which absorbs most of the acoustic reflections of the hall.

The two smaller halls, of 400 and 200 seats respectively, have been designed to be flexible enough to host chamber music as well as cinema and conferences.

The International Astana Action Film Festival was held there in 2010.

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