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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Ghost Rider (Road to Damnation) #2, 2005
Created by Garth Ennis
Clayton Crain
In-story information
Alter ego Micah
Species Demon
Abilities Naturally bodiless, but able to manifest by constructing a physical form from the bodies of others. Able to heal others. Extensive magical powers, exact limits undefined.

Kazann is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain. He is a renegade demon, an enemy of the Ghost Rider. Kazann first appeared in Ghost Rider (Road to Damnation) #2 (Dec. 2005).

Fictional character biography[edit]

When a war broke out in Heaven between the angels, Micah rebelled with Lucifer and was cast down along with all who had opposed God. Now a demon in Hell, Micah abandoned his angelic name and began calling himself Kazann. Although he was cast from Heaven, Kazann remained in touch with his brother Malachi who was still an angel in Heaven. They worked together to help each other become more powerful in their respective planes of existence by sharing vital information and secrets of Heaven and Hell. By sharing the information they devised plans to counter each other's actions while making themselves look good in order to rise through the ranks.[volume & issue needed]

After the petroleum tycoon Earl Gustav was left quadriplegic after driving drunk, he began performing occult rituals, contacting the demon Kazann in hopes that it would restore his mobility. Kazann agreed, if in return Gustav would perform certain rituals to allow Kazann to escape from Hell and create a new Hell on Earth. Regarding his fellow mortals as lesser beings, Gustav was glad to do this no matter the cost. Kazann had Gustav (who in turn had his secretary Jemima Catmint do the work for him) inscribe certain devices to carry out his plans. Gustav sacrificed a group of his board members; this allowed Kazann to gain physical form by using the group's remains to create a demonic body. Kazann's presence on Earth did not go unnoticed, and the archangel Ruth and Hoss, one of Hell's best tracker-scouts were dispatched to bring him back, while Malachi released the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) from Hell in order to employ him as a pawn in stopping Kazann's plans.[volume & issue needed]

Kazann used a drill inscribed with a ritual portal spell that could, upon hitting the Earth's molten core, penetrate into the spirit barrier, opening a tunnel to the spirit world and creating a gateway to the afterlife, allowing demons to come to Earth. As Kazann's demon army began to surge through the gateway, Ghost Rider, Hoss and Ruth made their way to the Gustav Petroleum headquarters to stop Kazann. While Hoss and Ruth battled each other, Ghost Rider confronted Kazann, destroying his Earthly body and revealing his true form. Realizing what she had been part of, Jemima Catmint then forced Gustav to cast the Hymn of Recall spell, sending Kazann and his demon army back to Hell. Ruth then startled Catmint, causing her to let go of Gustav's wheelchair, allowing him to roll into the pits of Hell itself.[volume & issue needed]

Ghost Rider was bewildered upon returning to Hell, and Malachi soon appeared, telling him that no one, be they angel, demon, or even God could save a lost soul from damnation. Malachi mistakenly revealed his partnership with Kazann during this conversation, and Ruth then tore Malachi's wings off, causing him to fall from grace and become mortal. Malachi bled to death and his soul went to Hell alongside his brother Kazann, thus ending Kazann's plans to gain power in Hell. Ghost Rider was forced to return to his life of torment, racing towards the gates of Hell each night. Only this time he was able to take solace in knowing that Malachi would suffer the same fate each night as he dragged him behind him.[volume & issue needed]

During the Fear Itself storyline, Kazaan is among the demons that meet at the Devil's Advocacy to talk about the threat of the Serpent.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Kazann is normally bodiless, but can construct a body to inhabit from the corpses of others. He also possesses extensive magical powers - while the exact limits are undefined, he is very skilled at opening portals to summon his fellow demons. He has also displayed the ability to heal humans, if he so wishes.


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