Kazco Hamano

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Birth name Kazuko Hamano
Born 19/1/1970
Origin Japan
Genres j-pop
Years active 1993–present
Associated acts Do As Infinity
Website http://www.kazco.info/

Hamano Kazuko (born January 19, 1970) is a singer and member of the GREAT TOUR BAND. Hamano sings the chorus, supporting Van Tomiko. Her popularity, due to her lively and energetic live performances, has led her to release two solo CDs. She is also well known for her performance on The Black Mages' song Otherworld.

She provides the main vocals for the theme song of the video game White Knight Chronicles,[citation needed] titled Travelers. It was performed live at the "White Knight Chronicles Secret Party" held by the game's developer, Level-5. She has also provided the vocals for the opening theme song for a video game called SkyGunner.[citation needed]


Album Released
Deep Breath 09/10/2001
Side [ b ] 01/01/2004

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