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Kazuhiko Hattori (服部和彦 Hattori Kazuhiko, born in 1944) is Japanese composer, music critic and music producer.


Born in 1944. Graduated from Nihon University (Department of Technology) in 1966.
During the years 1976-1977, he visited Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to pursue his study of ethnic music.
Centered on chamber music, his compositions range from solo, orchestral works, to music for the plays.
His works of composition have been performed overseas; in the music festivals in Asia and Europe, and broadcast on the media.
His chamber music compositions have been presented at the Festival of Asia Composers League for seven times.
Several ensembles and orchestras have requested for his compositions, and he has dedicated some works for them.
As a music producer, he has produced Japan Contemporary Music Festival, 21st Century Chorus Festival, and series of performances of the contemporary music from overseas.
Over 40 years, he has studied Oriental philosophy, psychology, physics, biology, and his interdisciplinary research has been continued.
Also, he has his career as a lecturer and a critic.[1]
Chairman of Japan International League of Artists,[2]
head judge of the Tokyo International Competition for Chamber Music Composition and JILA Music Competition.


  • Color of Rain (for flute) (雨の彩 Ame no Aya)
  • Seasons (for pianoforte) (シーズン)
  • Memories of waves (for violin,clarinet,pianoforte) (波の記憶 Nami no Kioku)
  • My ears are... (for narrarion and music) (私の耳は… Watashi no Mimi wa)
  • After the Dark 2 (for string quartet) (アフター・ザ・ダークⅡ)
  • Time of repeating wind (piano concerto) (巡る風のとき Meguru Kaze no toki)
  • Wind of Iris (a capella chorus) (イリスの風 Iris no Kaze)”
  • Mizar (for marimba) (ミザール Mizar)
  • Pleiades (for soprano and string orchestra) (プレアデス Pleiades)
  • Epitaph (エピターフ Epitaph)