Kazungula Bridge

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Kazungula Bridge
Kazungula Bridge.jpg
Coordinates17°47′28″S 25°15′43″E / 17.79111°S 25.26194°E / -17.79111; 25.26194Coordinates: 17°47′28″S 25°15′43″E / 17.79111°S 25.26194°E / -17.79111; 25.26194
CarriesRoad, rail
LocaleKazungula, Zambia, Botswana
Total length923 m (3,028 ft)
Width18.5 m (61 ft)
Longest span129 m (423 ft)
No. of spans4
Piers in water4
No. of lanes2
Rail characteristics
No. of tracks1
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

Kazungula Bridge is a road and rail bridge under construction over the Zambezi river between the countries of Zambia and Botswana at Kazungula.

In August 2007 the governments of Zambia and Botswana announced a deal to construct a bridge to replace the existing ferry.[1]

Construction of the US$259.3 million project, which includes international border facilities in Zambia and Botswana officially began on 12 October 2014 and was due to be completed by 2020.[2] The bridge is being financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the African Development Bank.[3]

The 923-metre-long (3,028 ft) by 18.5-metre-wide (61 ft) bridge will have a longest span of 129 metres (423 ft) and link the town of Kazungula in Zambia with Botswana and is curved to avoid the nearby borders of Zimbabwe and Namibia.[4][5] The bridge will feature a single-line railway track between two traffic lanes and pavements for pedestrians.[6]

Upon its completion, the bridge will be connected to the Mosetse-Kazungula railway.[7]

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