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Kazuya Kuroda (黒田 和也, Kuroda Kazuya) is a Japanese animator, character designer and illustrator. He made with his debut with the Gainax series, Top Wo Nerae! and Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, where he contributed the in-between and key animation respectively. He was then the character designer and the chief animation director of Gonzo's Vandread, where his style of art and animation, especially of the female characters, brought him a great number of fans and renown.


Anime television[edit]


Adult anime[edit]

  • Hōkago Mania Club (package key animation and poster key animation)
  • Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro (character design and chief animation director) (Note: The original character designs were done by Tony Taka and appeared in a hentai game by the same name as the animation, in which Kazuya Kuroda only redrew the characters. Basically, he designed the characters in his own style by copying another artist's character designs.)
  • 15 Beautiful Girls Adrift (character design and chief animation director) (Note: All girls were covergirls from the BugBug Magazine)

Anime films[edit]


  • Gate Keepers (animation director)
  • Akiba-kei Kanojo (key telephone card illustrations; 18+)


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