Kbach kun boran

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Kbach Kun Boran
Country of originCambodia Cambodia
Famous practitionersChan Rothana
ParenthoodYuthakun Khom, Kawmyot Khmer
Olympic sportNo

Kbach kun boran Khmer (Khmer: ក្បាច់គុនបូរាណ) is a Khmer term literally meaning "Cambodian ancient fighting art(s)". It is typically used today as an umbrella term for the native pre-modern fighting arts of Cambodia. It consists of 12 core techniques (mae) and 8 "door systems" or footwork patterns (tvear). Usually, students learn from different teachers who specialize in different weapons or areas of expertise. Armed combat or ani-yuth incorporates three main weapons, namely the dao (curved sword), the dambong veng (longstaff) and the dambong bokgatau (twin sticks). Unarmed fighting or atmani-yuth makes use of kun chbabb (wrestling) and kun daï (boxing).

Ancient khmer martial art
Elbow strike in khmer martial art
Pradal serey fight.
Pradal serey

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