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kdemultimedia is a KDE software package to work with multimedia.

List of components[edit]

  • Dragon Player - A simple and usability-focused multimedia player (formerly known as Codeine)
  • JuK - Jukebox and music manager
  • kio_audiocd
  • KMix - Sound Mixer
  • KsCD - CD Player
  • libkcddb
  • libkcompactdisc
  • libkdemultimedia

Dragon Player[edit]

Dragon Player
Dragon player.png
Developer(s) Ian Monroe
Stable release 16.04.0 (20 April 2016; 5 months ago (2016-04-20)) [±][1]
Written in C++ (Qt)
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform KDE Frameworks 5
Type Media player
License GNU General Public License
Website KDE.org application website

Dragon Player is a simple media player for the KDE desktop environment. It is the renamed continuation of a video player for KDE 3 called Codeine, which was originally created and developed by Max Howell, and is now developed by Ian Monroe under the new name for KDE SC 4. Because Dragon Player makes use of Phonon—a multimedia API that itself connects to any of several multimedia frameworks—it will play anything the particular connected multimedia framework supports. It was the default video player in the KDE 4 version of Kubuntu from 8.04 to 14.10.[2]


  • Simple interface
  • Resuming videos
  • Support for subtitles
  • Video display settings (brightness, contrast)
  • Due to using Solid and Phonon, Dragon Player is independent of any multimedia framework or hardware abstraction layer
  • Supports playing CDs and DVDs[3]


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