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Keak da Sneak
Keak Da Sneak June 2008.JPG
Background information
Birth name Charles Toby Williams
Also known as Z-Kush, Kunta Kinte
Born (1977-05-09) May 9, 1977 (age 38)
Origin Oakland, California
Genres Hyphy, West Coast Hip Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 1994–present
Labels E1 Music, E1 Entertainment, Thizz Entertainment, RBC Records
Associated acts Mac Dre, Yukmouth, Luniz, The Regime, E-40, Big Lurch, Too Short, Lil' Jon, B.A., Dual Committee, Mistah F.A.B, Spice 1, Clone (Rapper)

Charles Toby Williams (born May 9, 1977), commonly known by his stage name Keak da Sneak, is a rapper from Oakland, California. At the age of 16 he was known as Z-Kush,[1] but he became known as "Keak da Sneak" at 17, best known for his scratchy, gruff rapping voice and coining the term "hyphy" in 1994.


Keak da Sneak was born in Alabama where most of his family is from. He found popularity while attending Allendale Elementary School, which he parlayed into later friendships and talent show performances at Oakland's Bret Harte Junior High. Through theater he met his collaborator Agerman.[2] Together, they formed Dual Committee, which, at the age of 15, was first heard on the songs "Murder Man" & "Stompin in My Steel Toes" on C-BO's 1994 EP The Autopsy. Citing the personal growth of all three artists, he later signed as a solo artist with Sacramento-based Moe Doe records.[3] At this point, he began to receive more radio airplay, especially on San Francisco hip-hop station KMEL. He has collaborated with major artists such as E-40, Daz Dillinger, Akon, MC Hammer, Mac Dre, Prodigy, Alchemist, Lil Wayne, and all Major Bay Area Artists. He collaborates and tours with his DJ "E-Tech" from the SBC DJ's, associated with KMEL DJ Rick "The Dragon" Lee/ SBC DJ's San Francisco. Keak has had videos played on MTV, MTV2 & BET. Keak was even featured on MTV's My Super Sweet 16.[4]

3X Krazy[edit]

Main article: 3X Krazy

By the end of their junior year in high school, they had added rapper B.A. to form the group 3X Krazy. Their first EP, Sick-O, was released independently on August 5, 1995. In 1996 they signed to Virgin Records, releasing the album Stackin' Chips on March 8, 1997 (with help from the single Keep It on the Real; the album received national attention), and the second album Immortalized, and then the release of Real Talk 2000 on January 18, 2000.[5] The last 3X Krazy album, a collection of previously unreleased material and remixed songs from Sick-O, was flowamatic-9, which was released in 2004.


Solo albums[edit]

Collaborative albums[edit]

Compilation albums[edit]

  • 2001: Mr. Sicaluphacous The Unda Dogs The Soundtrack
  • 2001: The Appearances Of
  • 2004: Dopegame
  • 2004: Sizzilin
  • 2005: Dopegame 2
  • 2005: Dopegame 3
  • 2006: Dopegame 4
  • 2006: Sneak Presents All Anglez
  • 2008: The Best Of
  • 2011: The Best Of Thizz Iz All N Da Doe


  • 2005: Da Mixtape Volume 1
  • 2005: Da Mixtape Volume 2
  • 2005: Da Mixtape Volume 3 B-Sides & Bootlegs
  • 2005: Da Mixtape Volume 4
  • 2006: AllNDaDoe Volume 4, 5, 6... One Of Them Muthafuckaz
  • 2006: Block Music
  • 2006: King Of Tha Supa Dupa Hyphy
  • 2007: Chadada The Mixtape Vol. 1
  • 2008: Lets Get Thizzical

Guest appearances[edit]

  • 1996: "Ring It" (E-40 featuring Spice 1, Keak da Sneak & Harm)
  • 1998: "Can I Kick It?" (Celly Cel featuring Keak da Sneak & Young Mugzi)
  • 1999: "Cross Me Up" (T.W.D.Y. featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 1999: "Everybody" (The Delinquents featuring The Whoridas, Rhythm & Green & Keak da Sneak)
  • 2000: "Hy Phy" (Mac Dre featuring Keak da Sneak & PSD)
  • 2000: "Raw Meat" (Brotha Lynch Hung featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2000: "No Win Situation" (T.W.D.Y. featuring King T, Casual, G-Stack & Keak da Sneak)
  • 2001: "Mac & Friends" (Mac Dre featuring B.A., Keak da Sneak & PSD)
  • 2001: "Jim Hats" (Yukmouth & Tha Gamblaz featuring Keak Da Sneak & Numskull)
  • 2002: "Streets or Rap Game" (PSD featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2002: "Hands in the Sky" (San Quinn featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2002: "Playin for Kidz" (Mac Dre featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2002: "Whomp Whomp" (E-40 featuring Keak da Sneak & Harm)
  • 2002: "Whatever It Takes" (Turf Hoggs featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2002: "N Thugz We Trust" (Yukmouth featuring Brotha Lynch Hung & Keak da Sneak)
  • 2003: "Reppin' the O'" (Steady Mobb'n featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2003: "Northern Califoolya" (E-40 featuring San Quinn, Messy Marv, B-Legit, EA-Ski, Keak da Sneak & James "Stomp Down" Bailey)
  • 2003: "Dang" (Sean T featuring E-40 & Keak da Sneak)
  • 2004: "Pop Off" (San Quinn featuring Keak da Sneak & Juvenile)
  • 2004: "I Feed My" (Mac Dre featuring Keak da Sneak & B.A.)
  • 2004: "It's On" (MessCalen featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2005: "Get High" (B-Legit featuring Keak da Sneak & Harm)
  • 2005: "We Don't Stop" (Sean-T featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2006: "Tell Me When to Go" (E-40 featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2006: "Muscle Cars" (E-40 featuring Keak da Sneak & Turf Talk)
  • 2006: "It's Getting Hot (Town Bizznezz Remix)" (The Team featuring Keak da Sneak, The Delinquents, Richie Rich, Humpty Hump, Too Short, & MC Hammer)
  • 2006: "Dangerous" (Messy Marv featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2006: "In a Zone" (J. Stalin featuring Keak da Sneak & Bavgate)
  • 2006: "In A Scaper Makin' Paper" (MesCallen featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2006: "On Citas" (Traxamillion featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2006: "Just to Get Cha" (Celly Cel featuring Keak Da Sneak)
  • 2006: "3 Freaks" (DJ Shadow featuring Keak da Sneak & Turf Talk)
  • 2007: "Sideshow (Remix)" (Mistah F.A.B. featuring Too Short & Keak da Sneak)
  • 2007: "Race for Ya Pink Slips" (Mistah F.A.B. featuring Keak da Sneak and Spice1)
  • 2007: "Lookin' At It" (Cormega featuring Keak da Sneak, The Jacka & Yukmouth)
  • 2007: "All About Da Money" (Daz Dillinger featuring Keak da Sneak and Mistah F.A.B.)
  • 2008: "Dip Drop Stop Dip" (Daz Dillinger featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2008: "Those" (Mac Dre featuring PSD & Keak da Sneak)
  • 2008: "Feelin' Myself" (Mac Dre featuring Keak da Sneak & Johonny Ca$h)
  • 2008: "Thizzle Dance" (Mac Dre featuring Miami and Keak da Sneak)
  • 2008: "Soil Raps" (Jake One featuring Keak da Sneak)
  • 2008: "Al Capone Zone" (The Alchemist featuring Keak da Sneak & Prodigy
  • 2009: "Da Town" (Yukmouth featuring Chop Black, Jerold Lee & Keak da Sneak)
  • 2010: "Power Up" (E-40 featuring Keak da Sneak & San Quinn)
  • 2010: "Ballervard" (The Jacka featuring Keak Da Sneak, Agerman & Extreme)
  • 2012: "The Chicken Hill Project"(Album Produced by Hallway Productionz)[7][8]
  • 2013: "Party Ova Here" (Celly Cel featuring Keak da Sneak, Ya Boy & Jessica Rabbit) (Album: Morphine X)

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