Keane Bridge

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Keane Bridge
Keane Bridge 6426.jpg
Keane Bridge, 2015
Coordinates 24°53′15″N 91°52′05″E / 24.8876°N 91.8681°E / 24.8876; 91.8681Coordinates: 24°53′15″N 91°52′05″E / 24.8876°N 91.8681°E / 24.8876; 91.8681
Total length350.52 m (1,150.0 ft)
Width5.4 m (17.7 ft)

The Keane Bridge is a notable landmark of Sylhet city, Bangladesh. This bridge is called the gateway to Sylhet city.


Keane Bridge and Ali Amjad's Clock

This bridge is located over the Surma River at the middle of Sylhet city which is 246 kilometres (153 mi) northeast of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.


This bridge was built in 1936 and is named after Sir Michael Keane who was the English Governor of Assam from 1932 to 1937.[1]


It is made of iron and steel and looks like a bow. The bridge is 1150 feet long and 18 feet breadth. About Taka 5.6 million was spent to build the bridge.[2]

Damage and repair[edit]

During the Bangladesh Liberation War the bridge was blown off with dynamite by the Pakistan Army and damaged. It was repaired in 1977.[3]



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Coordinates: 24°53′15″N 91°52′05″E / 24.8876°N 91.8681°E / 24.8876; 91.8681