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Keane Live
Video by
Released19 November 2007
RecordedO2 Arena, London
21 July 2007
Length230 minutes
LabelIsland Records
Universal Music
Keane chronology
Under the Iron Sea DVD
Keane Live
Perfect Symmetry DVD

Keane Live is English alternative rock band Keane's fourth DVD, second proper. It was recorded at London's O2 Arena during the band's Under the Iron Sea Tour and released on 19 November 2007.


Live Concert[edit]

  1. "The Iron Sea"
  2. "Everybody’s Changing"
  3. "Put It Behind You"
  4. "Nothing in My Way"
  5. "We Might As Well Be Strangers"
  6. "Bend and Break"
  7. "Can't Stop Now" (upbeaten)
  8. "Try Again" (Chaplin on distortion piano)
  9. "Your Eyes Open" (acoustic, Chaplin on guitar)
  10. "The Frog Prince" (semi-acoustic, Chaplin on guitar)
  11. "Hamburg Song"
  12. "Fly To Me" (prelude)
  13. "Leaving So Soon?"
  14. "This Is the Last Time"
  15. "A Bad Dream" (Chaplin on piano)
  16. "Somewhere Only We Know"
  17. "Is It Any Wonder?"
  18. "Broken Toy" (Chaplin on guitar solo, acoustic)
  19. "Atlantic"
  20. "Crystal Ball"
  21. "Bedshaped" (extended)

Short Film[edit]

The build-up to the show


  • "Is It Any Wonder?"

Live Visuals[edit]

  • "A Bad Dream"
  • "Is It Any Wonder?"
  • "Atlantic"

Band members[edit]