Kebnekaise mountain lodge

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Kebnekaise mountain lodge

Kebnekaise mountain lodge (Kebnekaise fjällstation), elev 690 m, is situated at the base of Mount Kebnekaise, 19 km west of Nikkaluokta, which in turn is situated 66 km west of Kiruna in Lappland, Sweden.

The lodge is owned and managed by the Swedish Tourist Association (STF). A restaurant serves a set menu, there is a mountaineering shop, a sauna, showers, rooms and a kiosk. The lodge offers guided tours to the summit of Kebnekaise. The ascent takes roughly 4-6 h. Several other guided tours are also arranged.

The road ends at Nikkaluokta and from there on one has to walk. The walk from Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise takes approximately 4 h. After 6 km there is a restaurant called "Kaffekåtan" by the lake Ladtjojaure where one can get coffee/tea, hot waffles or a burger made of reindeer.

It is also possible to take a helicopter from Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise mountain lodge. The trip takes app. 10 min and costs 850 SEK one way. Another option to shorten the walk is to take the boat across the lake Ladtjojaure. This saves ca 6 km of walking. In the winter (Nov - May) skiing is the preferred way of getting to the Lodge. Snow mobile rides are synchronized with the buses to Kiruna.

The Swedish Glacier Research body is based in the Tarfala Valley, close to Kebnekaise mountain lodge.


There are 220 beds at the lodge. Booking in advance is recommended during the summer season. There is plenty of space for tents, although camping is not allowed within 150 meters from the buildings. No booking needed.


Mountain map BD6, BD8, Högfjällskarta Kebnekaise.

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