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See Kebnekaise for the highest mountain in Sweden.

Kebnekajse are a Swedish band that was most active during the 1970s. The band were greatly influenced by both traditional Swedish folk music and African music. Their name is taken from Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. The spelling of the band name was originally the correct spelling of the mountain, but for the last two albums (Kebnekajse and Idioten), they changed it to the present spelling.

They put themselves into the category of progressive rock, but at the time in Sweden, progressiveness was a political rather than a musical concept.

The band uses guitar, violin, congas, drums, and bass, and various other instruments. Kebnekajse played a variety of styles starting from hard rock, but then moving to folk music, symphonic rock and jazz fusion. With their 2009 album release the band returned to progressive folk.[1]



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