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Kota Kebumen
Other transcription(s)
 • Javaneseꦏꦼꦧꦸꦩꦺꦤ꧀
Alun-alun Kebumen
Alun-alun Kebumen
Kebumen Beriman
(Bersih, Indah, Manfaat, Aman, Nyaman)
(Clean, Lovely, Useful, Safe, Comfortable)
Kebumen is located in Kebumen Regency
Location in Kebumen Regency, Java and Indonesia
Kebumen is located in Java
Kebumen (Java)
Kebumen is located in Indonesia
Kebumen (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 7°40′15.3″S 109°39′39.0″E / 7.670917°S 109.660833°E / -7.670917; 109.660833Coordinates: 7°40′15.3″S 109°39′39.0″E / 7.670917°S 109.660833°E / -7.670917; 109.660833
Country Indonesia
ProvinceFlag of Central Java.svg Central Java
FoundedAugust 21, 1629
 • Total42,04 km2 (1,623 sq mi)
+85 m (279 ft)
 • Total124,589
 • Density30/km2 (77/sq mi)
 • Ethnic groupsJavanese


Time zoneUTC+7 (Indonesia Western Standard Time)
Area code(+62) 287
Vehicle registrationAA

English (by the expat community)

Many other Indonesian languages

Kebumen is a town on the island of Java, Indonesia and the capital of Kebumen Regency, Central Java region. It is also the main town of the district of Kebumen.[1] The population of the town at the 2019 Census was 124,589.[2] Although this district became the administrative center Kebumen but the population of this district the second largest in Kebumen after Karanganyar town located 22 km west of the town Kebumen. Kebumen has another name Swallow City, City Tours, and the city of culture.[3][citation needed]


Kebumen is located near the Indian Ocean, it is also called Samudera Indonesia . The city is bisected by the Kali Lukulo (Lukulo River). It lies near three major roads, Jalan Pahlawan, Jalan HM. Sarbini and Jalan Ronggowarsito. Its geographic location is 7°40′15.3″S 109°39′39.0″E / 7.670917°S 109.660833°E / -7.670917; 109.660833.


The population is almost entirely Javanese and over 96% Muslim. The village of Kebumen has a multi-religious population.[4]


The agricultural sector is quite dominant role in the economy Kebumen. Donations GDP reached 44.77 percent contained. Agricultural commodities mainstay of this region is the product of food crops, especially rice, cassava, soybean and coconut plantations especially. Then from the Tourism sector also supports the economy of Kebumen.[citation needed]

Kebumen Leaders[edit]

The name of Tumenggung/Adipati (Duke)/Bupati (Regent) who had led Kebumen
No. Name Year Area Name
1 Panembahan Bodronolo 1642–1657 Panjer
2 Hastrosuto 1657–1677 Panjer
3 Kalapaking I 1677–1710 Panjer
4 KRT. Kalapaking II 1710–1751 Panjer
5 KRT. Kalapaking III 1751–1790 Panjer
6 KRT. Kalapaking IV 1790–1833 Panjer
7 KRT. Arungbinang IV 1833–1861 Panjer
8 KRT. Arungbinang V 1861–1890 Keboemen
9 KRT. Arungbinang VI 1890–1908 Keboemen
10 KRT. Arungbinang VII 1908–1934 Keboemen
11 KRT. Arungbinang VIII 1934–1942 Keboemen
12 R. Prawotosoedibyo S 1942–1945 Keboemen
13 KRT. Said Prawirosastro 1945–1947 Keboemen
14 RM. Soedjono 1947–1948 Kebumen
15 R.M. Istikno Sosrobusono 1948–1951 Kebumen
16 R.M. Slamet Projorahardjo 1951–1956 Kebumen
17 R. Projosudarto 1956–1961 Kebumen
18 R. Sudarmo Sumohardjo 1961–1963 Kebumen
19 R.M. Suharjo Notoprojo 1963–1964 Kebumen
20 DRS. R. Soetarjo Kolopaking 1964–1966 Kebumen
21 R. Suyitno 1966–1968 Kebumen
22 Mashud Mertosugondo 1968–1974 Kebumen
23 R. Soepeno Soerjodiprodjo 1974–1979 Kebumen
24 DRS. H. Dadiyono Yudoprayitno 1979–1984 Kebumen
25 Drs. Iswarto 1984–1985 Kebumen
26 H. M.C. Tohir 1985–1990 Kebumen
27 H.M. Amin Soedibyo 1990–1995 Kebumen
28 H.M. Amin Soedibyo 1995–2000 Kebumen
29 Dra. Rustriningsih, M.Si 2000–2005 Kebumen
30 Dra. Rustriningsih, M.Si 2005–2008 Kebumen
31 K.H. Nashiruddin Al Mansyur 2008–2010 Kebumen
32 H. Buyar Winarso, SE 2010–2015 Kebumen
33 Ir. H. Yahya Fuad, SE 2016–2018 Kebumen
34 K. H. Yazid Mahfudz 2019–2020 Kebumen

University / College[edit]

Mass media[edit]

Kebumen has a relatively complete mass media, both print and electronic media. Currently in Kebumen region has published a daily newspaper "Kebumen Express", which is part of Jawa Pos Group. In addition, there is also a "Radar Kebumen".[citation needed]

For electronic media, there are several commercial radio stations and one Kebumen district government-owned public radio, and a local television station.[citation needed]


Radio in FM

Bimasakti FM

Mas FM

Radio DVK

Ardana FM


Ratih TV Kebumen (47 UHF), Kebumen government-owned television



Kebumen Regency also has a football team, under the name Persak Kebumen which stands for Indonesian Football Association of Kebumen. This team in the 2008-2011 period held a competition in the Indonesian Third Division. Persak Kebumen played in the 2014-2015 period playing in the Nusantara League competition. After the return of the Indonesian League, Persak Kebumen played in Liga 3 in 2019. Chandradimuka Stadium is a home venue of Persak Kebumen.


In addition to football clubs, Kebumen Regency has a professional futsal club namely SKN FC Kebumen. SKN FC Kebumen played in the Indonesia Pro Futsal League since 2018 as runner up. The competition that followed was 2018 AFF Futsal Championship as a semifinalist.

Hotels Facilities[edit]

  • Mexolie Hotel & Resort (****) - 4 floors
  • Meotel by Dafam (***) - 6 floors
  • Grand Putra Hotel (***) - 4 floors
  • Teloe Logde Bed & Breakfast (***)
  • Sejahtera Hotel (**)
  • Nasional Hotel (**)
  • Patra Hotel (**)
  • Nillo Hotel & Cafe (*)
  • Puri Laras Hotel & Cafe (*)

Mall and Shopping Center[edit]

  • RITA Pasaraya
  • JADI BARU Toserba
  • AFFA Supermarket
  • SILMI Toserba
  • Alfamart
  • Indomart


  • Malindo Cafe & Resto
  • Resto Vittenan
  • Bale Ungu Cafe & Resto
  • Amor Cafe & Resto
  • Royal Cafe & Resto
  • Hiro Sushi & Ramen
  • Airin Cafe & Resto
  • Malindo Corner

Medical Facilities[edit]

  • RSUD Dr. Soedirman
  • RSU Permata Medika
  • RSB Siti Khodijah
  • RSA Wijaya Kusuma
  • RS Wisma Rukti
  • RS Hadisaputro
  • RSIA Dewi Queen
  • Puskesmas I
  • Puskesmas II
  • Puskesmas III


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