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The Kech River (Urdu: دریائے کیچ‎) flows in the Makran region, of southeastern Iran and the southwestern area of Balochistan Province in southwestern Pakistan.


The seasonal intermittent river is a tributary of the Dasht River. The Dasht flows southeast into the Central Makran Range in the Gwadar District of Balochistan, and to its mouth at the Gulf of Oman of the Arabian Sea.


The city of Turbat is located on the Kech River. The river's water is used to irrigate orchards and for vegetable farming in surrounding areas.[1]


The area is prone to flooding by the Kech. In June 2007 the flood waters entered the city of Turbat after the river burst it banks, and thousands were affected. The downstream Mirani Dam on the Dasht River was endangered.[2]

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