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Keda (Georgian: ქედა) is a small town in Ajaria, an autonomous republic in the southwestern Georgia, 42 km southeast to the regional capital Batumi. Keda District also comprises 60 villages adjoining to the town. Its area is 452 km². In 2002, its population is about 20,024.

In the district are several historical monuments, particularly the medieval Orthodox churches at Makhuntseti, Zesopeli and Namonastrevi, and the bridges of Tsonarisi and Dandalo.


Keda Municipality is governed locally (gamgebeli). The Head of Keda Municipality is Irakli Baramidze.


Keda is served by minibus from the City of Batumi.

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Coordinates: 41°36′00″N 41°56′00″E / 41.6°N 41.9333°E / 41.6; 41.9333