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Club crest
Full name Kedah Football Association
  • Red Eagles (Helang Merah)
  • Canaries (Kenari)
  • Green Yellows (Hijau Kuning)
Founded 1924; 92 years ago (1924)
Ground Darul Aman Stadium
Ground Capacity 40,000[1]
President Dato' Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah
Coach Tan Cheng Hoe
League Malaysia Super League
2016 Malaysia Super League, 3rd
Website Club home page
Current season

Kedah Football Association (Malay: Persatuan Bola Sepak Kedah) is a football association that supervises football in the state of Kedah, Malaysia.

The Kedah FA are a professional football team in Malaysian that represent the state of Kedah and under the supervision of Kedah Football Association. Kedah FA currently play in the Malaysia Super League, and they are the only team in the history of Malaysian football to ever achieved a double treble titles in 2006–07 and 2007–08 seasons.


Kedah FA traditional colours are red and black, but currently the home kit has been in the colours of green and yellow since 1988. This idea was suggested by Dato' Shukri Hashim after Kedah FA Deputy President, Ahmad Basri Akil asked for a different set of colours for the home kit. However, Ahmad Basri changed Shukri's idea to 'green and yellow' which fits the Kedah state's nickname Jelapang Padi. The Kedah FA kit is currently manufactured by Lotto. Their previous kit manufacturers were Line 7, Lotto and Puma. Kedah FA's first team sponsor was Sharp, from 1989 to 2000. Following that, the club was sponsored by Modenas. Their current shirt sponsor is PKNK which had been the main team sponsor of Kedah FA since 2005. The ideas of the current Kedah FA crest also came from Ahmad Basri Akil after he announced the then-new Kedah FA official colours of green and yellow in 1988. Green dominates the background; the side of the crest shows 11 joint bordered lines which signify the 11 districts of the Kedah state. At the centre of the crest is a ball and Allamanda flowers; as the flower is green and yellow in colour, which are suitable with the new Kedah FA colours and the team motto, "Biar Jasa Jadi Kenangan" is written in yellow.

The football team was founded in 1924 by Tunku Yaacob Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah[2] as a president, though they only had limited success until the appointment of the late Dato' Paduka Ahmad Basri Akil as manager in 1985. Under Ahmad Basri Akil, Kedah FA qualified for six Malaysia Cup final matches in a seven-year period between 1987 and 1993; and won 2 Malaysia Cup titles, 1 league title and 1 FA Cup title. The club experienced a lean period in the 1980s and 1990s, but enjoyed a revival in the new millennium by winning the treble in 2007 and 2008. After the glorious double treble achievement under the guidance of Azraai Khor, Kedah start to have a dip in their performance. This is mainly because of the loss of their influential import players; the likes of Nelson San Martín, Bernard Huggins and Marlon James, who had been The Canaries peripheral figures in their double treble glory due to new ruling by FAM. Problems with the new management team also led to Azraai Khor departure. However, their local heroes such as Baddrol Bakhtiar, Khyril Muhymeen and Helmi Eliza Elias who had been a spine in the recent glory pledged to stay on and bring the glory days back. Kedah were relegated to the premier league after lost 3–2 at the playoff final to Pahang FA in penalty shootout. Marijo Tot was hired replacing Wan Jamak in attempt to steer The Canaries back into Super League. The 2013 season also seeing the return of former Kedah FA talisman, Nelson Sam Martin. In 2014 Kedah FA signed Billy Mehmet and this was the most successful season the club had witnessed for 5 years. Kedah FA reached the Semi Final of the Malaysia Cup, winning the first leg 3–1, but losing the 2nd leg 5–1. Billy Mehmet ended the season as the club's top goal scorer and the Malaysia Premier League's Top goal scorer in all competitions. He was also the 2nd highest goal scorer in all competitions at all levels in Malaysian professional football.


Main article: Darul Aman Stadium

Club culture[edit]


Kedah FA team 2007–08

The song "Biar Jasa Jadi Kenangan", once again idealised and written by Ahmad Basri Akil and famously recorded by a Malaysian musician Freddie Fernandez, is the anthem of the club, and has been sung by the crowd since 9 September 1987 after Kedah FA reached their first Malaysia Cup semi-final match since 1940. This famous song is sung by the fanatic fans of the Canaries to boost their beloved players' morale. The well-known and popular chants among Kedah FA supporters is "Pulun Kedah Pulun". It is use since late 80's as "words of spirit" during and off the game, and as the slogan among supporters. It was inspired by the idea from Abdul Rashid Haji Fadzil, who was the Head of Kedah Fan Club (KEPAK) on that time.

Kit manufacturer and shirt sponsor[edit]

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
2004 Lotto Dunhill
2005 Celcom, Modenas
2005-06 Line 7
2006-07 TM, PKNK
2009 Lotto
2011 PKNK
2012 Line 7
2015 Warrix PKNK, Sada, Naza, Firefly (airline)

Club record[edit]

Updated on 31 October 2016.


  • Pld = Played, W = Won, D = Drawn, L = Lost, F = Goals for, A = Goals against, D = Goal difference, Pts= Points, Pos = Position

  1st or Champions   2nd or Runner-up   3rd place   Promotion   Relegation

Season League Cup Asia
Division Pld W D L F A D Pts Pos Charity Malaysia FA Competition Result
2004 Super League 21 4 3 14 30 45 -15 15 7th Runner-up 2nd round
2005 Premier League 21 13 7 1 44 11 33 46 2nd Quarter-finals 2nd round
2005–06 Premier League 21 13 3 5 39 22 +17 42 1st Group stage 1st round
2006–07 Super League 24 17 4 3 54 21 33 55 1st Champions Champions
2007–08 Super League 24 18 2 4 55 24 31 56 1st Runner-up Champions Champions AFC Cup Quarter-finals
2009 Super League 26 16 3 7 45 28 17 51 3rd Runner-up Group stage 2nd round AFC Cup Round of 16
2010 Super League 26 10 8 8 34 23 +11 38 5th Semi-finals Runner-up
2011 Super League 26 13 6 7 25 20 +5 45 4th Group stage 2nd round
2012 Super League 26 7 7 12 27 38 -11 28 12th Group stage Semi-finals
2013 Premier League 22 13 3 6 38 19 +19 42 4th Group stage 2nd round
2014 Premier League 22 11 5 6 43 25 +18 38 4th Quarter-finals Quarter-finals
2015 Premier League 22 14 6 2 47 26 +21 48 1st Runner-up 2nd round
2016 Super League 22 11 7 4 30 26 +4 37[a] 3rd Champions Semi-finals
2017 Super League


  1. ^ Kedah Football Association (Kedah FA) has been found guilty of putting the suspended player during the match against Pahang on August 3, 2016. Therefore, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has been awarded 3 points for Pahang and Kedah sentenced deducted 3 points for the incident.







Asian Club Championship[edit]

1994–95: First Round (East Asia – lost to Ilhwa Chunma 4–10 on aggregate)
Season Competition Round Club Home Away
1994–95 Asian Club Championship Preliminary round bye  –  –
First round South Korea Ilhwa Chunma 5–1 5–3

AFC Cup[edit]

IMT-GT Cup[edit]

Double & Treble[edit]

Kedah FA assistant coach Muhamad Radhi Mat Din said,[6]


Current squad[edit]

Name Nat. Pos. D.O.B.
1 Abdul Hadi Hamid Malaysia GK 29
30 Farhan Abu Bakar Malaysia GK 23
31 Muhd Ifwat Akmal Malaysia GK  –
3 Syawal Nordin Malaysia CB, RB 23
5 Osman Mohd Yusoff Malaysia CB, LB 22
11 Raphi Azizan Mariappen Malaysia RB, CB 20
13 Khairul Helmi Captain Malaysia CB 28
15 Rizal Ghazali Malaysia RB,RWB, ST, 23
17 Syazwan Tajuddin Malaysia CB 22
27 Ariff Farhan Malaysia RB,RWB, CM 19
28 Asri Mardzuki Malaysia LB,LWB 22
7 Baddrol Bakhtiar Malaysia AM, CM, LM, RM 28
8 Liridon Krasniqi Kosovo CM, AM, DM 24
16 Amirul Hisyam Awang Kechik Malaysia CM 20
18 Abdul Halim Saari Malaysia CM 21
19 Farhan Roslan Malaysia LM, RM, LW, RW 19
22 Syazwan Zainon Malaysia LM, LW 26
23 Hanif Mat Dzahir Malaysia CM 22
29 Syazuan Hazani Malaysia LM, RM, LW, RW 21
10 Sandro da Silva Mendonça Brazil ST 33
20 Syafiq Ahmad Malaysia ST, LW 20
14 Fakri Saarani Malaysia ST, RM, AM, RW 27

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Transfer 2016[edit]

For recent transfers, see List of Malaysian football transfers 2017 and List of Malaysian football transfers summer 2016


As of 20 July 2016

Name Nat. Position D.O.B
1 Muhammad Asri Muhamad Malaysia GK 2/10/98
22 Mohd Ifwat Akmal Che Kassim Malaysia GK 10/8/96
25 Mohd Yusuf Che Hat Malaysia GK 11/1/96
2 Muhd Suhaimie Saad Malaysia RB.RWB 1997
3 Mohd Loqman Hakim Marzuki Malaysia RB, CB 22/1/98
4 Akmal Afizan Ahmad Tajuddin Malaysia LB,LWB, RB,RWB 17/5/96
5 Mohd Norfiqrie Abdul Talib Malaysia CB 31/1/96
13 Muhammad Azryl Reza Zamri Malaysia CB 14/1/95
15 Mohd Shaiful Mohd Khalid Malaysia CB 1996
24 Mohd Fadzil Mustaffa Malaysia CB 24/2/95
6 Muhammad Muzaimir Abdul Hadi Malaysia MC 7/5/95
10 Mohd Irwan Syazmin Wahab Malaysia AM, CM 20/3/95
11 Muhammad Akhyar Abdul Rashid Malaysia LW, LM 1/5/99
14 Cheevaanesvaran a/l Sivam Malaysia DM, MC 30/12/95
17 Mohd Hidhir Idris Malaysia LW, LM, RW, RM 29/5/97
19 Ahmad Hakiemey Ahmad Tajudin Malaysia RW, RM 1996
20 Muhammad Adam Akmal Khairol Faizi Malaysia RW, RM 1996
Muhd Faes Hafize Mohd Fadzil Malaysia CM 26/9/98
8 Aminuddin Abu Bakar Malaysia ST 22/2/98
12 Som Keat a/l Preseart Malaysia ST 1/4/96
16 Mohd Badrul Amin Abdul Razak Malaysia ST 1996
21 Mazlan Mohamad Malaysia ST 11/1/98

Source:[9] Source:[10]


As of 6 January 2016

Name Nat. Position D.O.B
1 Muhd Badrol Amin Ayob Malaysia GK 1997
22 Mohd Syazwan Jamil Malaysia GK 3/3/97
25 Muhd Nasaruddin Johadi Malaysia GK 23/3/97
2 Muhd Asnawi Sonkurnain Malaysia RB,RWB 1998
3 Mohd Shukri Ismail Malaysia CB,RB,LB 5/6/97
4 Mohd Noor Izzat Idris Malaysia CB 12/2/97
5 Muhd Fariz Aiman Mohd Zamri Malaysia CB 1998
17 Mohd Hasrul Helmi Zakaria Malaysia RB,RWB 1998
18 Mohd Asyraf Mohd Yunus Malaysia LB,LWB 1998
24 Muhd Nadhirul Fahimi Zamzuri Malaysia CB, RB, DM 1997
7 Mohd Fadzrul Daniel Mohd Nizam Malaysia AM, CM 14/1/98
9 Kishen Raj a/l Maran Malaysia LW, LM 1997
10 Muhammad Azrie Reza Zamri Malaysia AM, CM 30/12/97
12 Mohd Fitri Daud Malaysia RW, RM 27/3/98
15 Muhammad Nazrul Naim Mohd Noor Malaysia CM 13/1/97
16 Muhammad Hanis Mazlan Malaysia RW, RM 28/12/98
19 Mohamad Izzat Iqmar Mohd Zaidi Malaysia LW, LM 1998
20 Ahmad Firdaus Ismail Malaysia DM,CM 15/4/98
23 Mohd Ikhmal Ahmad Malaysia CM 1997
6 Mohammad Zulhafizi Zamri Malaysia ST 1997
8 Muhamad Alif Romli Malaysia ST 1997
11 Muhammad Saiful Amiri Ismail Malaysia ST 7/1/97
13 Muhammad Nazrul Najmi Mohd Noor Malaysia ST 13/1/97
14 Mohamad Nor Hamizikri Hamid Malaysia ST 21/4/97
21 Akmal Azmi Malaysia ST 1998
29 Muhd Fakhrul Aiman Md Noor Malaysia ST 4/6/98



Former coaches[edit]

Year Coach
1985–1989 Malaysia Ahmad Shafie (1st)
1990 Czechoslovakia Milous Kvacek
1991 Malaysia Ahmad Shafie (2nd)
1992–1995 Netherlands Robert Alberts
1996–1997 Malaysia Mosthakeen Omar
1998 Malaysia Fisol Abdul Razak
1999 Malaysia Azman Hj Eusoff
2000 Malaysia Ahmad Shafie (3rd)
2001–2003 Denmark Jørgen E. Larsen
2004 Brazil Mirandinha
2004–2009 Malaysia Azraai Khor Abdullah
2009–2011 Malaysia Ahmad Yusof
2011–2012 Malaysia Wan Jamak Wan Hassan
2012–2013 Croatia Marijo Tot
2013–2014 Australia Dave Mitchell
2014 – present Malaysia Tan Cheng Hoe

Club officials[edit]

Senior officials

Position Name
President Malaysia Dato' Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah
Deputy President Malaysia Syed Unan Mashri Syed Abdullah
Vice-President I Malaysia Shakri Mat
Vice-President II Malaysia Shukri Hashim
Vice-President III Malaysia Jeffrey Low
Executive Secretary Malaysia Aminuddin Omar
Hononary Treasurer Malaysia Aminuddin Omar

Team Officials

Position Name
General Manager Malaysia Jeffrey Low
Assistant Manager Malaysia Safarizam Baderon
Liaison Officer Malaysia Suhaidi Shukri
Security Officer Malaysia Idris Mansor
Media Officer Malaysia Tajul Ariffin Kamal Baharin
Head Coach Malaysia Tan Cheng Hoe
Asst. Coach Malaysia Muhammad Nidzam Adzha
GK Coach Malaysia Faozi Mukhlas
Fitness Coach Brazil Stefano Impagliazzo
Fitness Coach Brazil Rodrigo Pellegrino
Physio Malaysia Muhammad Nur'illya Samsudin
Medical Officer Malaysia Mohd Syahrizal Nadzer
U21 General Manager Malaysia Anas Hafiz Mustaffa
U21 Head Coach Scotland Ian Gillan
U21 Asst. Coach Malaysia Victor Andrag
U21 GK Coach Malaysia Wan Mohd Ruzaimi Che Ros
U21 Fitness Coach Malaysia Rizal Johari
U21 Physio Malaysia Nor Hisham Mat Rani
U19 General Manager Malaysia Haris Che Mat
U19 Head Coach Malaysia Roshidi Shaari
U19 Asst. Coach Malaysia Fauzi Nan
U19 GK Coach Malaysia Isshamwil Azmi
U19 Fitness Coach Malaysia Zairon Zainal
U19 Physio Malaysia Nik Mohd Nor Azam Nik Aziz
Kitman Malaysia Abdul Razak Md Desa

Malaysia Nasir Othman

Football clubs[edit]

Direct clubs under direct supervision of the Association[edit]

Affiliated clubs within the Association[edit]

Affiliated clubs outside the Association[edit]


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