Kedah State Legislative Assembly

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Kedah State Legislative Assembly
Malay: Dewan Undangan Negeri Kedah
13th Kedah State Legislative Assembly
Founded 1959
Preceded by Kedah State Council (3 August 1905–31 March 1959)
Md Rozai Safian, BNUMNO
Since 23 June 2013
Deputy Speaker
Azmi Che Husain, BNUMNO
Since 23 June 2013
Menteri Besar
Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, BNUMNO
Since 4 February 2016
Opposition Leader
Amiruddin Hamzah, PAS
Since 23 June 2013
Iqbal Ahmad
Seats 36
Quorum: 12
Simple majority: 19
Two-thirds majority: 24
DUN KEDAH 2015.svg
Political groups

(As of 27 June 2016)
     Barisan Nasional (20)

EXCO Members: 10
Backbenchers: 10
  •      UMNO (18)
  •      MCA (2)

     PAS (8)
     Pakatan Harapan (8)

     Vacant (0)
Plurality: First-past-the-post (36 single-member constituencies)
Last election
5 May 2013
Next election
on or before 23 August 2018
Meeting place
Wisma Darul Aman, Alor Setar, Kedah

The Kedah State Legislative Assembly (Malay: Dewan Undangan Negeri Kedah) is the state legislature of the Malaysian state of Kedah. It is a unicameral institution, consisting of a total of 36 lawmakers representing single-member constituencies throughout the state.

Members of the unicameral state legislature are called state assemblymen. The Legislative Assembly building is located at the Wisma Darul Aman in the state capital, Alor Setar.

Current composition[edit]

20 8 8
Barisan Nasional PAS PH

Seating arrangement[edit]

State Secretary Bakar Bata Secretary Anak Bukit Pengkalan Kundor
State Legal Advisor Guar Chempedak Tokai Sidam
State Financial Officer Sungai Tiang Merbau Pulas Lunas
Bakar Bata Tanjong Dawai Kubang Rotan Bukit Selambau
Gurun Kuala Nerang Kuala Ketil Kota Darul Aman
Bayu Ayer Hangat Bukit Pinang Derga
Belantek Jitra Bandar Baharu Bakar Arang Sungai Limau Alor Mengkudu
Bukit Kayu Hitam Kota Siputeh Bukit Lada Kuah
Pedu Pantai Merdeka Jeneri Kupang Kulim


The Kedah State Legislative Assembly's main function is to enact laws that apply in the state. It is also the forum for members to voice their opinions on the state government's policies and implementation of those policies. Under the law, assemblymen are given the right to freely discuss current issues such as public complaints. On financial matters, the Assembly approves supply to the government and ensures that the funds are spent as approved and in the tax-payers' interest.

The State Executive Council (EXCO) is appointed from members of the State Assembly. Led by the Menteri Besar, it exercises executive power on behalf of the Sultan and is responsible to the Assembly.

Speakers Roll of Honour[edit]

The following is the Speaker of the Kedah State Legislative Assembly Roll of Honour, since 1959:

No. Speaker Term start Term end
1 Ahmad Tunku Ismail 20 May 1959 28 February 1964
2 Syed Omar Syed Abdullah Shahabudin 25 April 1964 7 December 1967
3 Salleh Ishak 10 May 1969 30 July 1974
4 Abdullah Ismail 27 October 1974 11 June 1978
26 July 1978 12 February 1981
5 Shaari Abu Bakar 22 April 1982 18 July 1986
6 Seroji Haron 3 August 1986 4 October 1990
(4) Abdullah Ismail 27 October 1990 1995
7 Zainol Md Isa 5 June 1995 31 July 1998
8 Badruddin Amiruldin 26 December 1999 2004
9 Md Rozai Safian 2004 2008
10 Abdul Isa Ismail 2008 2013
(9) Md Rozai Safian 2013 Incumbent

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