Gadilam River

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The Gadilam River (sometimes pronounced Kedilam) flows through the Cuddalore and villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu.[1]

It has a small water flow, drainage area and sand deposit.

It is generally flooded during the monsoon season and raises the water table and feed tanks on its basin. Few famous temples like Thiruvathigai Veerataneshwar temple and Thiruvanthipuram Thevanathan perumal temple are located in its banks. It is also mentioned in the Medieval Bhakti literatures like Thevaram.

The Gadilam River flows through the town of Cuddalore and separates the Old Town from Thirupadiripuliyr.


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Coordinates: 11°44′N 79°47′E / 11.733°N 79.783°E / 11.733; 79.783