Kediri Regency

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Kediri Regency
(Kabupaten Kediri)
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Kediri East Java.jpg RA 3540021.JPG
Clockwise, from top left : View of Mount Wilis and the Brantas River at Kediri, Surowono Temple, Simpang Lima Gumul
Official seal of Kediri Regency
Motto: Canda Bhirawa
Locator kabupaten kediri.png
Country  Indonesia
Province East Java
 • Total 1,386.05 km2 (535.16 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 1,541,897
 • Density 1,100/km2 (2,900/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7

Kediri Regency is a regency (kabupaten) located in East Java province, Indonesia. It is one of two 'Daerah Tingkat II' that have the name 'Kediri' (The other is the City of Kediri). .It covers an area of 1,386.05 km2, and had a population of 1,499,768 at the 2010 Census;[1] the latest official estimate (as at 2014) is 1,541,897.

The capital of the regency is near to the border of Kediri city, just about 200 m. However, several regency government establishments are also located within Kediri city, administratively a distinct political entity. It is because both the regency and the city share common cultural and historical roots. The administrative division occurred only after the War of Independence. The regency shares borders with Jombang Regency to the north, Malang Regency to the east, Blitar Regency and Tulungagung Regency to the south, and Nganjuk Regency to the west, while Kediri city is wholly surrouned within the Regency. Kelud mountain, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, is partially administered by the Government of Kediri Regency (along with Blitar Regency).

The regency also contains the famed "Kampung Inggris", or English Village. Kampung Inggris is a small area in the district of Pare where over a hundred businesses offering various English courses are clustered. Students come from all over Indonesia to take courses in the English Village, where it is common for people to speak with each other in English (rather than Indonesian or Javanese) for the sake of practice.

Administrative divisions[edit]


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