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KeePassXC 2.5.0 Screenshot.png
Developer(s)KeePassXC Team
Initial releaseMay 2, 2012; 10 years ago (2012-05-02)
Stable release
2.7.1 / April 6, 2022; 49 days ago (2022-04-06)
Written inC++
Operating systemCross-platform
TypePassword manager
LicenseGPL-2.0-only or GPL-3.0-only[1] Edit this at Wikidata

KeePassXC is a free and open-source password manager. It started as a community fork of KeePassX[2][3] (itself a cross-platform port of KeePass).

It is built using Qt5 libraries, making it a multi-platform application which can be run on Linux, Windows, and macOS.[4]

KeePassXC uses the KeePass 2.x (.kdbx) password database format as the native format.[5] It can also import (and convert) version 2 and the older KeePass 1 (.kdb) databases. KeePassXC supports having key files and YubiKey challenge-response for additional security.[2]

The Electronic Frontier Foundation mention KeePassXC as "an example of a password manager that is open-source and free."[6] The tech collective PrivacyTools has included KeePassXC in their list of recommended password manager software because of its active development.[7][8]

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