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Type of site
Online video cataloging
Created byUnknown
Alexa rankPositive decrease 9,199,942 (April 2014)[1] was a Web site that cataloged links to various TV shows and movies to make them more easily accessible to the public. Peekvid did not host any video clip content itself; users provided the links, categorized them, and uploaded them to the site. Video hosting sites that were linked to Peekvid included YouTube and Dailymotion.

Peekvid was set up in March 2004 and registered in Canada. KeepVid, an affiliated site,[2][3] was registered with an address in the Cayman Islands and the same Australian e-mail address.[4]

Public awareness of Peekvid was apparently spread by word of mouth[citation needed], and in December 2006 its activity skyrocketed, taking it from obscurity into the Alexa Top 500 Sites in less than two months.

Late in the evening (GMT) on February 6, 2007, PeekVid closed to public access, announcing that it had entered a (presumably private) beta testing stage. All that remained was a form to submit an e-mail address to be informed of updates. It was speculated that there may have been some form of legal action against PeekVid, and that this "beta testing" screen was a way of bowing out temporarily without admitting defeat. According to sources including The Jerusalem Post and The Australian, PeekVid was closed down due to copyright violations.[5][6] PeekVid was also the target of law enforcement in Australia and other countries.[6]

PeekVid was re-launched with an updated interface (named PeekVid Beta) on February 12, 2007 after a nearly week-long hiatus. Around half of the movies had been removed as part of an updating process that involved removing dead links and attempts to replace them, as well as ensuring that the site worked more efficiently on various browsers and with new links to videos.

Peekvid recently had to shut down again due to "unviable server fees".[7]


As stated above, the affiliated site KeepVid was a video download manager named in such articles as "Video piracy's new battleground" (The Age, 2006)[2] and "Service lets people rip videos from YouTube, other sites" (CNET 2006),[3] was registered with an address in the Cayman Islands and the same Australian e-mail address as[4] As of November 2013, KeepVid remains operable, and as described in a CNET article titled "How to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more" (March 28, 2012):[8] KeepVid "is likely the fastest way to grab just about any video from the Web. YouTube, DailyMotion, Megavideo, Metacafe, and Vimeo are just a few of the sites compatible with KeepVid."

As of March 17 2018, KeepVid shut down[9] its download services on its website and now displays tips on how to download videos and music legally through various methods.


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