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Keep Victoria Beautiful
Keep Victoria Beautiful Logo.jpg
FounderDame Phyllis Frost
Founded atMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Typenon-profit organisation

Keep Victoria Beautiful (also known as Keep Australia Beautiful - Victoria) is a not-for-profit Australian environmental charity organisation founded in Melbourne in 1968 by Dame Phyllis Frost. Keep Victoria Beautiful is a member of the Keep Australia Beautiful National Association, a federation of independent organisations formed in each of Australian states and territories.[1][2]

In the past six years, over 87% of Victoria’s local councils have participated in the KVB awards, and more than 1.5 million Victorian volunteers have given up their time to improve the appearance of their local community.[3]


Stationeers volunteer program[edit]

In collaboration with VicTrack, Keep Victoria Beautiful currently takes care of more than 50 active Stationeers volunteer groups across Melbourne and regional Victoria.[4]

In partnership with Keep Victoria Beautiful, V/Line supports the 26 regional Stationeers groups active across the state.[5]

Adopt a Roadside volunteer program[edit]

Keep Victoria Beautiful Adopt a Roadside program aims to reduce litter on Victoria’s roadsides to stop pollutants from entering local waterways, improves the quality of vegetation, and prevents soil degradation and erosion.[6]

Sustainable Cities awards program[edit]

The Keep Victoria Beautiful Sustainable Cities Awards recognise positive actions taken by communities in urban areas to protect and enhance their local environments. The awards have grown from being an anti-litter campaign to encompass initiatives as diverse as preserving heritage, saving water and energy and community action and leadership.[7]

Tidy Towns awards program[edit]

Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards acknowledges regional and remote communities who take positive action to protect and enhance their environment. The awards encompass initiatives as diverse as litter prevention, environmental education, preserving heritage, community action, and youth leadership.[8]


Keep Victoria Beautiful established partnerships with Metro Trains Melbourne, VicTrack,[9] Public Transport Victoria and V/Line in their Stationeers and Adopt a Roadside volunteer programs.

Keep Victoria Beautiful also established partnerships with over 87% of Victoria’s local councils[10] including City of Melton,[11] Geelong,[12] City of Yarra,[13] Shire of Mornington Peninsula,[14] City of Port Phillip,[15] South Gippsland Shire,[16] Shire of East Gippsland,[17] Shire of Glenelg,[18] Shire of Indigo,[19] Shire of Campaspe,[20] in their Tidy Towns and Sustainable Cities awards programs.


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