Keeper of Dreams

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Keeper of Dreams
Author Orson Scott Card
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 656
ISBN 0-7653-0497-X
OCLC 172979151
813/.54 22
LC Class PS3553.A655 K44 2008

Keeper of Dreams (2008) is a short story collection by Orson Scott Card. It contains twenty-two stories by Card which do not appear in his collection Maps in a Mirror. This collection was released on April 15, 2008.

Story list[edit]

The short stories in this book are:

  • "The Elephants of Poznan"
  • "Atlantis"
  • "Geriatric Ward"
  • "Heal Thyself"
  • "Space Boy"
  • "Angles"
  • "Vessel"
  • "Dust"
  • "Homeless in Hell"
  • "In the Dragon's House"
  • "Inventing Lovers on the Phone"
  • "Waterbaby"
  • "Keeper of Lost Dreams"
  • "Missed"
  • "50 WPM"
  • "Feed the Baby of Love"
  • "Grinning Man"
  • "The Yazoo Queen"
  • "Christmas at Helaman's House"
  • "Neighbors"
  • "God Plays Fair Once Too Often"
  • "Worthy to Be One of Us"

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